It was a Saturday morning when Donna and Deborah were discussing the day’s agenda.  Deborah couldn’t help but notice the tattered green baby doll nighty and the frayed brown satin bonnet Donna was wearing.  Appalled, Deborah exclaimed “what are you wearing? you look a hot mess!” 

A few months later, Donna clapped back in an ingenious manner by stitching together a matching pajama AND bonnet set; approached Deborah with “how do you like me now?  you gave me a great idea…” and the rest, as they say, is history…in the making!

Our mission is to provide our customers with colorful, cute, comfortable, lightweight, coordinated sleepwear they won’t mind being seen wearing, including a matching satin-lined bonnet to protect their tresses.

The Sleep Sassy customer is one who appreciates looking effortlessly polished and coordinated, even when lounging and sleeping or while enjoying the tranquility of home.

We encourage you to be beautiful! be bold! be fabulous!